The Beginning of Something

Jesse Featherstone Paul Antonell

So when I started this little expedition into the blogoverse, I resolved that the article would effectively not be about me, but to be fair, what happened recently has been pretty exciting. So some of you may have heard of The Clubhouse, one of the premier American recording studios the likes… {Read More}

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Song of the Week: “Rosie’s” Ghost

Parchman Farm Prison Singers Song of the Week

So about last week… I didn’t post, I know. In an attempt to emulate the role models I grew up with–mostly television newscasters–I was initially going to ignore it and go about my business like nothing happened. But then Fox News actually admitted to a factual error, and I realized… {Read More}

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Je Suis Charlie (Ives): An Analysis of “Charlie Rutlage”

Charles Ives Me Gusta Analysis of "Charlie Rutlage"

Among the many fascinating contradictions of the music of America’s favorite composer-cum-insurance-salesman, Charles Edward Ives–a body of work that decorated him as a homegrown cultural hero and sorted out the paperwork for his immortality–one of the most humorous and bewildering remains the frustrating series of conundrums it presents to any… {Read More}

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Song of the Week: Glenn Gould and the Neurotic Sublime

Glenn Gould Bahamas Song of the Week

Alriiiight, we’re in week two of my New Year’s Resolution to share every mundane thought I have about my favorite recordings with my faceless public that may or may not exist! As a commemorative gesture, I’m going to keep talking. As outlined in this series’ previous entry, my Song of… {Read More}

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Feedback Loops with Alan Lomax: Why Pop Music Sounds the Same

Alan Lomax Color Why Pop Music Sounds the Same

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m pretty behind the cultural eight-ball when it comes to responding punctually to events that have any contemporary pop significance. (Hence, my loving diatribe about a book by an aging rock star that came out 2-and-1/3 years ago). So, bearing in mind… {Read More}

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