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Jesse Featherstone is a professional pianist, composer, and percussionist. A lifelong lover of music regardless of its origin, Jesse has applied himself to a wide array of musical traditions, from Jazz and Classical (for which he received a Bachelor’s in Music Performance/Composition from Bard College) to Pop, Samba, Choro, and all the crazy implausible combinations in between. Jesse currently resides in New York City, where he is available as a performer, composer, and educator.

What’s This All About?

This blog is dedicated to my daily musical adventures, serving at any given time as a sounding board for my works-in-progress, a reflection on the musician’s lifestyle in the here and now, a lightning rod to spark engrossing conversation and critical thinking, as well as a place to call attention to music, artists, analyses, and other material that I hope you find as exciting as I do! For those who carry with them the conviction that music is an indispensable way of life, you’re in very, very good company; welcome.

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