The Beginning of Something

So when I started this little expedition into the blogoverse, I resolved that the article would effectively not be about me, but to be fair, what happened recently has been pretty exciting. So some of you may have heard of The Clubhouse, one of the premier American recording studios the likes of which Dr. John, The National, Garth Hudson, Linda Rondstadt, Steve Gadd, Levon Helm, and so many other religious figures have graced with their presence. While I was an undergrad at Bard–about 10 minutes away–it was a place I dreamed about, only moreso after my friends, Meadowhawks (headed by resident musical genius, Ryan MacLean), made their first EP there.

So here’s the thing: in November of last year, I got a call–yes, a call–from Paul Antonell, the maverick man behind the board who owns and runs the place. He managed to grab wind of some of my work in the past through my dear friend, Ali O Moonjelly (another genius), and told me that if I were to ever have a project of my own, that I could record there. Last weekend, I set foot in the studio for the first time.

Jesse Featherston The Clubhouse Photo

Still slightly bewildered.


Quite an experience, let me tell you. Initially I was very hesitant, but very soon I was greeted very warmly by the guard of the premises: Oliver, The Studio Dog.

Jesse Featherstone Dog

Jessay with a cocker pay.

Excitedly, Oliver was kind enough to take me to Paul, where we then sat for over two hours  to work out the logistics for my prospective project: the creation of my first EP, with all original music, recorded right here in my dream-House! Not that I’ve said that much about myself before, but it’s moments like these that you cling to after working for years towards a goal that always seems to be far in the distance. It never ends, but you get places. And now, I’m here!

Jesse Featherstone Paul Antonell

A beautiful friendship.

Naturally, I will be covering the process for those of you on the faceless interwebs who care (Bennett, mom). I can’t wait to share the fruits of this new chapter!

To close, I’ll just give you a little glimpse of what exactly I’m planning. More to come!

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