Song of the Week: “Anselma” and Troubadors

Los Lobos Black and White Song of the Week Anselma

Let me explain: Throughout the course of the holiday season–as mine and other families across America take part in the time-worn tradition of pretending to be familiar with those you see once every time Haley’s Comet passes–I had some spare time for rumination, mulling over in my head all of… {Read More}

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The Case for Curious Professionals

David Byrne Marisa Monte Case for Curious Professionals

I will love David Byrne until my heart stops (for those of you who are Talking Heads noobs, that was a reference to their zeitgeist-summarizing, “This Must Be the Place.” The fan service will only get worse from here.). Naturally, this would probably seem like a bad investment (“Uh-Oh, Love… {Read More}

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The Trigonometry of Samba: An Analysis of Brazilian Rhythm

Jackson Do Pandeiro An Analysis of Brazilian Rhythm

As I carefully cut through the tape enveloping the cardboard box, I knew at once that I’d made what one might call an error of pragmatism. By the end of the day, I concluded that I was an idiot. It was a stupid mistake, all the more so because I… {Read More}

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Polite Introductions

If you’re reading this, it’s because I’ve finally made this website accessible to the rabble of the masses, and the dark nights of the soul that encompassed its design, programming, and de-bugging have receded into my flickering memory. It also means that–seeing how this is the first post and all,… {Read More}

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